You are concerned about the scars on your face? They can be of different types: injury, surgery, acne, burns … The scars on the face is often a source of embarrassment and complex, but home remedies can reduce their appearance. "injury scars"

After finishing with the crises of acne, it happens that the face has many scars. More or less visible and unsightly, these acne scars can be a source of genes, complexes, sometimes as much as the buttons themselves. Fortunately, today there are solutions to get rid of, if not the much disappear.

Aggressive acne can leave unsightly scars on the face. Fortunately, for those in whom acne scars are a real problem, several solutions exist.


Acne scars

Whoever had the double disadvantage of suffering from acne during adolescence and bears the scars in adulthood knows the devastating effects that have an impact on the self confidence. For scars acne, it is imperative to consider the appearance of scars before starting remedies; there are different types of acne scars it is foremost, cup-shaped scars of large and small which can be corrected. Care of these scars is difficult but despite this, people are usually very pleased with the home remedies for scars.

More or less regular, more or less deep scars depend on the importance of crises acne and the treatment they received.


> The scars flat, say to “crater”. Of a round more or less clear, they form small depressions on the surface of the skin, giving it sometimes a hailed aspect. Shallow, they have a flat surface that makes them look like small craters.


> The scars called “ice pick” Much deeper than their predecessors, they are also much narrower, and recall the marks left by a needle stick for example.


> Scars “puffy”. Sometimes scars have a dug aspect, instead of having a look in relief. The inflammation of the tissues will cause a kind of quick fibrosis to the surface of the skin, and result in the formation of what appears to quick cysts.

Buttons scars

when  people tight a button, they get rid of it, but the part they tight is irritated, it causes pimples, and 3-4 others appear instead. The main cause: bacteria! When you pierce one button, it’s as if you opened a window. Made by bacteria (see thousands more!) Enters the skin and causes pimples constantly. And after getting rid of buttons there are scars but they gradually fades especially if it’s treated with home remedies for scars.

Hypertrophic scars

Hypertrophic scars are characterized by an overproduction of collagen tissue. They appear as red beads and can be itchy and painful.

The hypertrophic scar is formed because the wound is exposed to foreign bodies or other external influences during the healing phase. It is generally limited to the traumatized area without extending beyond and resolves spontaneously. These scars may improve naturally over a period of one year or older.

Keloid scars consist of clusters thick, rounded, irregular scar tissue that extend beyond the boundaries of the original wound. Keloids can occur at any age, but tend to form more readily in young people with pigmented skin. They are often reddish or darker than the surrounding skin. Keloids can develop several months after the injury and may worsen during pregnancy.

Atrophic scars usually occur as small rounded depressions beneath the surface of the surrounding skin. They are caused by acne or chickenpox, when the healing process is interrupted and an insufficient number of new connective tissue fibers are formed.

Chicken pox scars

Chicken pox cures often leaving scars very deep. Their characteristics are that they are round, as drawn with a compass and their bottom is flat.

Because of these regular geometric shapes, their correction obtains more results than acne scars.