Lighten and Remove Scars Naturally

Most of us prefer our visible scars simply disappear. However, most surgical options are reserved for very serious scars, and surgical removal of small cosmetic scars can often just cause more healing problems. Fortunately, you can easily and affordably remove your scars with a simple procedures and a little patience.


Exfoliate the skin Lighten Scars


Use sugar scrub and soft wash cloth with warm water. Do not use high pressure, since you do not want to pick up the scar, but rather just remove the dead skin. Once you have finished exfoliating, pat the dry area with a soft towel.


Rub vitamin E oil on the scar


Use your finger – not your fingernail – and make sure to rub along the length of the scar rather than perpendicular to the scar. To do this at least twice a day, once after exfoliating in the morning and the second at night, Vitamin E is almost twice as effective when applied immediately after exfoliation.

Moisturize the area

Ensure that the cells of the skin of the scar area is fully hydrated it helps renew itself more quickly. Don’t hydrate until the vitamin E oil is absorbed.


Aloe Vera

Apply a small amount of Aloe Vera to the affected area. It helps resurface the skin naturally and regenerate quickly. It will help you to notice immediate results; these home remedies for scars should be repeated every day if you want to remove your scars.


There are many home remedies for scars you can apply on the affected areas to help eliminate scars naturally, such as a clove of garlic, potatoes and tomatoes. These are all ingredients for cooking of good food, but also they are effective remedies for the treatment against scars. These are all applied topically on the wound / scar itself that help to rejuvenate the skin.



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